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To ultimately service our hotel guests Lapepa chic b&b Madrid offers several additional services. We also have prepared a comprehensive guide of Madrid for you.

This guide is not rigorous; It is simply a Madrid tour of the Favorites of Lapepa chic b&b. We encourage you to walk, get lost and enjoy Madrid and its friendly people.

There are hundreds of Madrid bars, attractions, restaurants and activities of all kinds. Make sure that you’ll enjoy one of these favorites and discover your own ones. We'd love to hear your favorites as well! Have fun!

Additional Services at Lapepa chic b&b

Additional Services at Lapepa chic b&b

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Things to do in Madrid; Las Letras

Taberna La Dolores (Plaza Jesus, 4) and Los Gatos (c/ Jesus, 2) are known to be among the best bars in Madrid. They serve beer and tapas in typical madrid style. Old wines and cheese are among the specialties of La Venencia (c / Echegaray, 7), an old Madrid bar that has a great ambience. Fiambres González (c / León, 12) is a place where you can taste good wines. The modern and lively La Mucca del Prado (c/ Prado, 16) is perfect for lunch or dinner.

If you want a picnic in El Retiro Parc, you can have the best takeout food at the vegetarian Madrid restaurant Viva la Vida! (c / Huertas 57). If you have an urban cultural tourism plan, go to the Plaza Mayor up c/ Prado or c/ Huertas, this is the street known for its bars and restaurants - towards Santa Ana, this street is always lively, day or night.

Another option is to get lost in the neighborhood and discover small old and new Madrid pubs, art galleries and antique shops as you approach to the always interesting Caixaforum (Paseo del Prado, 36). To have a drink in a fancy ambient, go to the Glass Bar at Hotel Urban (Carrera de San Jerónimo, 34) enjoy its hotel summer terrace. The Penthouse, Hotel ME´s terrace (Pza. de Santa Ana, 14) is not cheap, but a good option as well.

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What to do in Madrid; Center

The beautiful old market Mercado de San Miguel (Pza. de San Miguel) is, like the one of San Antón, a Madrid market converted into a gourmet tapas bar. The first one, opened till midnight, has small shops where you can have any snack from tapas to oysters, from the typical local beer to the best champagnes. Don't miss it! It is next to the Plaza Mayor.

And once you find yourself there, visit the Plaza de la Villa and get lost in the small old streets Codo, Sacramento, Rollo or Cordón... our humble Gothic quarter... Afterwards be sure to enjoy a typical local small bottle of Mahou beer in any Madrid pub or terrace, or enjoy good wines and the creative cuisine of Taberneros. This restaurant has a high average price, but you will not regret visiting this Madrid restaurant.

During winter time you will not be able to resist the Plaza de Oriente, next to the Royal Palace and the Royal Theatre (Teatro Real), where you can find of the best Madrid restaurants such as La Taberna del Alabardero (c/ Felipe V, 6). If you like challenges, taste the cocido madrileño at La Bola (c/ de la Bola, 5). Simply delicious. In Lapepa chic b&b`s humble opinion, this popular Madrid dish is better than the one in La Daniela (Pza. of Jesus, 7).

If you are in Sol, don't miss the croquettes and a piece of battered cod of Casa Labra, (c/ Tetuan, 12). You should not miss the well-known broth or any puff pastries in the ancient and precious store called Lhardy (Carrera de San Jerónimo, 8), established 1839 which maintains the original atmosphere and refined decor. If your budget allows it, give yourself the pleasure of eating in this Madrid restaurant located on the first floor.

If you like to have nice Mojitos and Latin music for dancing, we recommend you a secret place, OSUM, from 23h to 3h am (c/ Paz, 5).

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What to see in Madrid; Gran Vía and Chueca

El Círculo de Bellas Artes, the Union of Fine Arts (c/ Alcalá, 42) has a great Madrid pub/cafe La Pecera, which even today is well-known for being an artistic meeting point. During summer it opens its attic, which offers views of Madrid and its mountains. It is advisable to go shortly before sunset. If you are in luck you can enjoy a Jazz concert on the terrace.

Lapepa chic b&b recommends the homemade Burger and tapas served in the newyorker-castizo Mercado de la Reina (Gran Vía, 12). There is nothing better after lunch or dinner than a Gin Tonic, the specialty of the club located in the back of this restaurant. If you prefer a cocktail, this is your area: you have the famous Madrid museum Museo Chicote, a classic cocktail bar which saw stars like Hemingway or Ava Gardner and is the meeting point of a chic uptown crowd.

You can, however, prefer the Barcelonan style place of this bar’s pupil El Diego (c/ de la Reina, 12) or Le Cock (c/ de la Reina, 16), a classic cocktail bar. Across the street, in summer, you will enjoy a small but cozy attic-terrace, very chic atmosphere and stunning views of Gran Vía in the Hotel de las Letras. Its cocktail bar is open all year round and is worthwhile even if it is somewhat expensive.

Back to the other side, you will find Chueca, with its impressive and brand renewed Fuencarral Street, a shopping area where you will find brands like Custo, G-Star RAW, Camper, Diesel, Calvin Klein Jeans, Lourdes Bergada, Marithé, Adolfo Domínguez, Comptoir de Cotonniers… As you'll be hungry and thirsty, we encourage you to take a cold Pilsen Urquell and the best Spanish omelette you will ever taste in Madrid, in the centuries-old tavern La Ardosa (c/ Colón 13). You are on the border with Malasaña, emerging territory of contemporary bars with youth and alternative charm, and in the limit with Chueca, one of the biggest gay scene areas in Europe, fashion boutiques and much "ambient" atmosphere.

Classics of the gay evenings remain the XXX Café (c/ Clavel with c /Reina) or Black & White (c/ Libertad 34). If you need a haircut, do not hesitate and take advantage of it: here are the best and most modern hairdressing salons, as for example, Juan por Dios (Gosh, John!) (c/ Pérez Galdós, 3) or Qué Corte (Travesía de San Mateo 18). Funny names for funny businesses.

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Madrid Guide; Justicia

On the border of Chueca, lowering towards to Castellana, and after taking a Madrid tour on c/ Barquillo -the old music equipment shopping street- you´ll find two places we like: the new yorker Bar Tomate (c/ Fernando El Santo, 26) and the nearby Bristol Bar (Admirante 20).

The exhibitions in the closest Mapfre Foundation will be the perfect “Culture of Madrid” excuse to go. If it's Sunday and you feel like a brunch, a favorite of Lapepa chic b&b is the Café Oliver (c/ Almirante, 12): good quality price ratio although crowded for its good atmosphere.

If you want to go shopping, and not necessarily in the expensive but chic area of Almirante, you will find very interesting shops in the vicinity of Argensola and Campoamor streets.

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Things to do in Madrid; Malasaña

Cross to Malasaña and enjoy the night bars that were the cradle of the Movida Madrileña (madrid´s cultural movement) of the 1980s. Some are still alive, like the Mercurio bar (c / San Vicente Ferrer, 17) or La Vía Láctea (c / Velarde, 18).

Other, less "aged" have become classics ; the Loui Loui (c/ La Palma 43), which programs rock and classic garage or Tupperware (Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 26) or the eclectic but always modern or Penta (c/ de la Palma, 4).

We encourage you to try the culinary proposals of the new and cosy restaurants in the area.

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Things to see in Madrid; Justicia

Very close to Malasaña, take a walk at night on c/ Pez and discover the fusion of modernity and tradition in places like El Pez Gordo (c/ Pez, 6), Evaristo Club (c/ Marqués de Santa Ana, 11) or La Casa del Pez (Jesus del Valle, 1), this one of the best bars in Madrid where a British barman will prepare you one of the best gin tonics that you have ever tasted (ask him for advice and let him be your guide).

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What to do in Madrid; Conde Duque

This is the contemporary version of la taberna La Dichosa. Here you can take creative tapas and fine wines after having enjoyed shopping in an area of small very chic boutiques. Bodegas el Maño (c/ La Palma 67) or La Palmera, its front neighbor, also keep the taste of the ancient, anyhow decadent, local Madrid bars, now full of alternative people.

If you like tigres (breaded mussels), El Maño is the best Madrid restaurant to go. After that you´ll be ready to have a drink in the Café la Palma or the Café de las Comendadoras, the lively square with the same name. The cultural center of the district is the headquarters of the Conde Duque. Be sure to check out the new Madrid museum Museo ABC de dibujo e ilustración designed by architect Salaberry and recently renewed by the well-known architects Aranguren and Gallegos (c/Amaniel 29 – 31).

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What to see in Madrid; Lavapiés

Lavapies is the multicultural and alternative district of the cultural city center of Madrid. Take a few wines or cañas (beers) and have some small dishes at the Vinícola Mentridana (c / San Eugenio, 9) late in the evening. Enjoy the Madrid museum Museo Reina Sofía and its excellent terrace and café. If yours are classic films, pass by the Cine Doré, an old cinema dated 1912 (c/ Santa Isabel 3).

Another place we like to recommend is El Sur, in the street Torrecilla del Leal. If you walk down the steep street until it ends up near to the Plaza de Lavapies, you´ll find one of Lapepa chic b&b´s favourite Madrid pubs: the bohemian Café Barbieri. Go back to 1902 and taste its unique, decadent ambience. Lapepa chic b&b recommends the Automatic bar or La Bucca del Lobo and its interesting dishes. In the square you will enjoy Madrid culture by looking at the contemporary architecture of Paredes&Pedrosa through their work for the CRC, the Teatro Valle Inclán or ancient Olympia Hall, which coexists with the traditional “corralas”, the typical domestic buildings which are really traditional.

If you speak fluent spanish, is really worth to get some tickets, even then it is going to be a hard task. It is easier to get them for any other activity of La Casa Encendida (the most avant-garde scene of the capital) or for the Sala Mirador (c/ Doctor Fourquet, 31). The neighbourhood programs many plays, matches of improvisation and contemporary dance in their countless alternative theatres such as the Sala Triángulo or La Escalera de Jacob.

But if that should not fit into your plans, you will be able to take a walk through Senegal or India while watching normal life played in the madrilenian corralas by going to the Escuelas Pías (c/ Tribulete, 14), builded eighteenth century. It belongs nowadays to one of our many universities, la UNED, and is a great example of contemporary architectural rehabilitation and nice example of respect to tradition and creativity. In the summer it boasts a terrace café-restaurant with a nice atmosphere and excellent views of the lavapiés rooftops and the imposing ruins of the lantern of the crumbling Church.

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What to do in Madrid; La Latina

Nothing more local than to get lost in our flea market, el Rastro (c/ Ribera de Curtidores and adjacent areas) on Sunday morning, having a look at the furniture pieces, clothing, sunglasses, plants...

If you like crabs or snails don't miss Casa Amadeo (Pza. de Cascorro, 18). Whether or not you had party Saturday night, we recommend you to take a vermouth. When the sun shines, the vast majority of Sundays of the year, Lapepa chic b&b likes how the beautiful people of Madrid meet there to enjoy the sun & Madrid culture and relax with friends. A highlight is Juana La Loca (Pza. Puerta de Moros, 4) and its omelet with caramelized onion skewer, the terrace in the attic of El Viajero (Pza. De la Cebada, 11), El Bonano (Pza. del Humilladero 4), Almendro 13 (c/ Almendro 13), Delic Café (Costanilla de San Andrés 14), Café del Nuncio (c/ Segovia, 9) and El Monaguillo (Plaza Cruz Verde, 3).

However, one of the best tapas restaurants in Madrid is the Cava Baja (Casa Lucas, Los Hijos de Lucio,...)/ If your budget allows it, take some “huevos rotos” like many celebrities do at Casa Lucio. Afterwards you can go for a drink in Lamiak.

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What to do in Madrid; In General

If you like the apparent Madrid restaurants and you do not demand top quality nor the best service, you will be welcome at the always trendy and characteristic restaurants like La Finca de Susana (Centro), such as Ginger (Letras), La Gloria de Montera (Gran Vía) and Bazaar (Chueca).

If you do come accompanied by your children, please note that for them, many Madrid museums like the Thyssen Bornemisza, Reina Sofia or Caixaforum have children's pedagogic programs. Also the La Casa Encendida schedules activities for children Many theatres, including La Escalera de Jacob, the Nuevo Apolo, Calderón and Figaro, program children performances on weekends in the morning. The Casa de Campo and El Retiro, with their puppets, theater pieces, human statues, live Madrid music, their rental boat's playground rides will make hard to take the children back home.

If you like the cinema, we recommend you cinemas like the Alphaville, Princesa, Renoir or Ideal. Lapepa chic b&b is more traditional and it is not very fond of musicals, but Madrid offers an extremely wide range of shows.

If you are into music, in Madrid you will find all kinds of concerts. Lapepa chic b&b likes the daily concerts of the Café Central, Popular Art (both of them in Las Letras) or the Sala Clamores (in Chamberí).

The municipality of Madrid organizes routes on foot or by bike departing from the Plaza Mayor: they are really cool and cheap. There are thematic, cultural, entertaining ones... Another good way to discover Madrid is by the convertible double-decker buses with many different routes!

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